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We've been exploring the world of tea in Taiwan since 1993. We've spent countless hours driving through the mountains and visiting tea farmers in their homes and on their farms. We've spent nights making tea. Our homes overlook the tea gardens of central Taiwan, and we visit our sources (our friends), daily. Our sources are some of the most competent people in the industry and include the highest level of tea judges. You too can experience the delight of rare and unique artisan teas from Taiwan via the Eco-Cha Tea Club right now!

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Eco-Cha was created to represent the artisan tea industry in Taiwan. Following decades of direct contact with farmers and learning the history and current trends of tea culture, we founded our company in order to share this experience that continues to captivate us. We recognize that tea lovers around the world have developed a level of appreciation for fine tea that warrants a responsible resource to learn more about this hand-crafted product that is rooted in an age-old tradition. Eco-Cha aspires to offer you a unique opportunity to understand and experience the world of tea culture in its current state in Taiwan.

All of our teas come from sources whom we know personally and visit regularly in their homes and on their farms. We have known most of our sources for many years. We communicate with these artisans of tea on an ongoing basis in our commitment to fully understand all aspects of tea production. We have spent many nights over many years in high mountain tea factories, observing and assisting in the processing of the leaves picked that morning.

We seek out producers of tea whose farms, methodologies, principles, and quantities of yield remain within the capacity and capability of artisan tea making.

Meet the Eco-Cha team

Andy Kincart

Sourcing Director & Founder

Nick Fothergill

Operations & Founder

Tom Lin

Research Consultant

Stephen Lindell


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