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We've been living and sourcing tea in Taiwan for 25 years. The best teas we find are available in our store at  During our many visits to farms and farmer's homes, however,  we are sometimes lucky enough to try some special reserve batches of tea. These teas are only available in small quantities, often only once, and so are never offered in our store. The Eco-Cha Tea Club is your way to experience these special, hard-to-find teas on a monthly basis.

For $35 dollars a month, including shipping, we'll send you a box with 75 grams of rare tea on the 1st of each month. You'll get extras too, like tea cups, bamboo tea scoops, tea towels, or other cool stuff we find around Taiwan. You'll get tasting notes, origin stories, and exclusive videos too.

For each friend you refer that signs up to the Eco-Cha Tea Club, you'll get a free month of tea. 10 friends = 10 months free. After signing up your friends can start referring people too. Good tea for everyone!

Eco-Cha co-founder and Sourcing Director Andy Kincart is constantly visiting tea farmers and tea competitions. It is through this personal interaction that he is able to get word of who and where someone is making a special limited-edition batch of tea. Often times, these teas are being made just for a particular tea competition and are not intended for retail sale.

Eco-Cha co-founder Andy Kincart and our tea industry friends and advisors select the tea. For more about our team check out

Of course! Just click the gift option, include a note, and we'll print the note on a card and include it in the first box we send to your lucky giftee!

Monthly: $35/month, including shipping.

Pre-pay: $189 for 6 months, including shipping and a free gongfu teapot ($31.50/month).

Pre-pay: $359 for 12 months, including shipping and a free gongfu teapot and a bamboo tea tray ($30/month).

Of course, anytime. However, due to the limited quantities of these special teas there are limited spots in the Eco-Cha Tea Club , so if you cancel we can't guarantee there will a spot open if you want to re-join.

Absolutely! Rather than cancelling your subscription and potentially losing your spot, you can just skip the next renewal(whether it's monthly, every six months or yearly). Just login to your account and click the "Edit" button in the "Your Subscription" section.

Sorry, each batch is limited. The Eco-Cha Tea Club is the only way to get this tea.

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