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We've been at this for 25 years and while sourcing tea we often come across small, special batches that are not available in our shop. Join the Eco-Cha Tea Club to experience these teas each month.

Welcome to the eco-cha tea club

If you're new to Eco-Cha, we're a Taiwan based company that specializes in responsibly sourced oolong tea. We've been based in Taiwan for 25 years and work directly with farmers. While sourcing tea for our shop (www.eco-cha.com) we often come across small batches that end up in our teapots, but not for sale. We created the Eco-Cha Tea Club to share these limited edition teas with you.

These rare teas are found through our connections with  farmers. When visiting them on their land and in their homes we will sometimes be treated to a special tea from a private stash. Sometimes we are able to procure small amounts of these teas. Award winning teas, rare aged teas, specially processed reserve batches and private reserves are all examples of what you'll enjoy as a member of the Eco-Cha Tea Club.

You'll get more than just tea when you join. Being a member of the Eco-Cha Tea Club is like going along for a ride on a sourcing trip. You will also receive detailed information about the farms, tea makers as well as stories, photos and video of how each tea was procured.

Hard-to-find teas. You'll get amazing tea, otherwise unavailable. Anywhere. Starting at $29 with free shipping.

Photos, videos, and stories about how the tea was made and how it was procured.

Free worldwide shipping.
Cancel anytime. World class customer service.


1. Select your preferences

Choose to pay monthly or save by paying annually. Starting at only $35/month with free shipping.

2. We curate your tea box

We search Taiwan for rare teas and send you a 75g bag on the 1st of each month.

3. You enjoy rare tea monthly

Drink amazing tea and join our growing community of tea lovers.
Every month is a new adventure in what Taiwan has to offer.


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