March 2016
#4 - Unroasted Organic Wuyi Oolong Tea

This batch of tea comes from the first proper harvest of a newly planted plot of heirloom Wuyi Oolong. This crop has been cultivated organically.

Specific Information About This Batch

Eco-Cha Tea Club Batch #4: Heirloom Wuyi Oolong

This batch is the very first harvest of a newly planted crop of heirloom Wuyi Oolong that is being cultivated organically. This is a strain of tea that originally comes from the Wuyi Mountains of mainland China, but it was cultivated in Central Taiwan until it was phased out by modern tea production decades ago.
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Eco-Cha Tea Club Batch #4: What Does Wuyi Oolong Look, Smell And Taste Like?

There is something about the heady fragrance of this tea combined with its smooth, balanced flavor and substance of character that has us brewing it again and again to figure out what exactly it is that intrigues us. In a word, we keep coming back to this: Heirloom. We can only conclude that this fragrant yet balanced complexity comes from a tea strain that pre-dates modern tea production.
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