June 2017
#19 - Traditional Hong Shui Oolong Tea

This batch of tea comes from Phoenix Village, just above Dong Ding Mountain in Lugu, which is renowned for its traditional tea making, and is home to the densest population of Taiwan's traditional Oolong artisans. Among this population is a handful of traditional tea makers who specialize in Hong Shui Oolong, a descendant of traditional Oolongs from mainland China. This tea type is regaining popularity only in the last several years here in Taiwan.

Specific Information About This Batch

Eco-Cha Tea Club: Traditional Hong Shui Oolong Tea

We met Mr. Chen when we spent the night in our Lishan High Mountain Tea source's factory last spring. We learned that he specializes in making Hong Shui Oolong in Fenghuang Village, where he was born and raised. It is only with this year's spring harvest that we got the opportunity to procure a small amount of this tea type to share with our Eco-Cha Tea Club members.
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Eco-Cha Tea Club: Hong Shui Oolong Tasting Notes

The rich reddish-amber hue of the brewed tea is also a clear indication of substantially oxidized tea leaves, especially since they were left unroasted. Hong Shui Oolong tea leaves are more heavily oxidized than its close cousin, Dong Ding Oolong. Dong Ding Oolong reaches a comparative level of rich, robust character due to the additional roasting process. Hong Shui is a more pure character in that the flavor profile is derived directly from the constituents in the leaves, whereas roasting is a type of "flavor enhancer", just as it is in the culinary world.
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