May 2016
#6 - Award Winning Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea

This batch of Qing Xin Oolong tea was cultivated at approximately 1300m elevation in Chiayi County, Taiwan.

Specific Information About This Batch

Eco-cha tea Club Batch #6: Award Winning Alishan High Mountain Oolong

The Alishan mountain range is the southernmost renowned place name of Taiwan's world famous High Mountain Oolong Tea. The Tropic of Cancer runs straight through this region, and this latitude offers an abundance of a unique quality of sunlight that is considered ideal for tea cultivation. The warmer, sunnier climate at high elevation is what has given the name Alishan its Oolong fame. Our source has worked closely with a handful of farmers in this region for years to cultivate and process a quality of tea that has won him numerous awards in various tea competitions of Central Taiwan.
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What Does Award Winning Alishan High Mountain Oolong Look, Smell and Taste Like?

Looking at this tea from a competition standard perspective, these are the basic guidelines. In judging the quality of competition tea, the first assessment is the appearance of the dired leaves. They are judged by their color, luster, size and uniformity. In Alishan competitions, the leaves are minimally roasted and maintain their lustrous marbled, deep green quality.
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