February 2021
#63 - Competition Grade Wenshan Baozhong Tea

Batch 63 of the Eco-Cha Tea Club was harvested in November 2020, processed, and then sorted to remove stem material and any discolored leaves in preparation for the winter 2020 competition and the New Taipei City Farmers's Association.

Specific Information About This Batch

Eco-Cha Tea Club: Competition Grade Wenshan Baozhong Tea

The distinctive quality of Baozhong Tea is that the leaves are shuffled well to induce uniform oxidation, but they are only minimally rolled. This keeps their physical composition in tact. The leaves are not damaged by pressure rolling. This locks in a fresh, green quality that put Baozhong Tea in a category of its own.
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Eco-Cha Tea Club: Competition Grade Wenshan Baozhong Tea Tasting Notes

The brewed tea is a luminous golden green with a limpid clarity. The delicate looking brew has a substantial flavor profile that is prominently dark leafy greens with a touch of sweetness, and a lingering herbal finish. We brewed 11g aof tea leaves in a 200mL teapot for roughly one minute intervals, and the composition remained consistent through six infusions. This tea does not easily overbrew, and has low astringency and bitterness.
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